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My resolution has no resolution.

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. I think it’s a marketing ploy to sell stuff. However, I do believe January is a perfect time to “reset” and think about my goals or plans for the new year. So I am starting this new year off by doing #Whole30. I don’t want to say it’s a diet because it isn’t. It is not designed as a vehicle to lose weight as much as it is to focus on how food interacts with your body and how to eat and get maximum nutritional benefit without relying on processed food. It does, however, have guidelines to follow for as long as you want to adhere to them. The guidelines are no dairy, soy or processed/refined/sugar items. Basically, anything that turns to sugar once digested is a no-no.

Two years ago, I did a January Whole30 and found it to be very doable as long as I prepped my meals in advanced and kept a lot of turkey bacon, avocado and eggs on hand. There is a lot of information provided by founder Melissa Hartwick on social media, and she is totally honest about how you will feel throughout the month. I like doing Whole30 in January because January sucks in Chicago. It’s usually grey and freezing, and I get really unmotivated to leave my house. It’s a perfect time to prep meals and if I feel sluggish from the sugar detox, I stop writing and make soup or take a nap. Ok–not everyone has that luxury, but I’m just being honest because hey, it’s my blog.

During my first Whole30, I had more energy, lost some weight, lowered my cholesterol (a genetic inheritance) and felt overall much better while eliminating sugar from my diet. On the other hand, I also found myself obsessing over what to cook for dinner every night. This time,  I have a plan. This year, I’m trying Blue Apron as they are in a  partnership with Whole30. I chose three dinners a week where I don’t have to think about cooking or shopping and not worry about what will be Whole30 compliant. I also intend to make a lot of soups. It’s just an easy way to eat and also experiment with my new Insta-Pot.

I am not going to say I’m only participating for a month. My “goal,” is to somehow keep sugar out of my diet. I would love to figure out how to occasionally eat pasta or bread and not slide down the carby slope of decadence. My problem last go-round was that I didn’t know how to bring certain foods back without completely flying off the rails. I also had trouble eating out. It is much better to follow this program and not have a social life because it’s just easier to have control over your food than eating at restaurants. Plus, who needs the temptation? I am going to have to stop kvetching about it and suck it up because I do go out on Saturday nights, and I do need to figure out how to eat out of the house on Whole30.

Today my refrigerator is stocked with chopped vegetables, seasonal fruit, eggs and beef bones for broth. I am on the lookout for compliant recipies too. Here’s to keeping the sugar dragon at bay. Happy New Year!