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Better late than not at all

Today I went a little out of my box and am the better person for it. I got an email about Danny Abshire running a workshop at a local Tri shop near my house. Ok, the truth is you could win a free pair of Newton running shoes, and I thought, well gee whiz, I could use a new pair of those! Anyway, I wear Newtons, and I like them very much. So I figured, what they hey? Why not go check it out.

Although I didn’t know anyone and kinda felt like an awkward 13 year old walking into a new school, I forced myself to make small talk and hoped the shmoozing would be quick. Danny was extremely friendly and really talked about the basics of foot strike, gait and running form. Honestly, I’ve never had anyone assess my form in person, so I was curious as to getting a professional opinion. We all sampled the 2013 Newton Gravity shoes which had a different feel than my 2011 Newton stability shoes. I was pleased when one of his assistants inspected the bottoms of my shoes and said I must have great form since I’m running them down in all the right places.

There were about 25 people and he took us outside to a parking lot to teach us a few drills focusing on form and efficient running. I know I have a mid-foot strike, but I’ll tell you, to hear how great my form is from professional kinda validates me. I never thought about running at 180 beats per minute and coordinating the timing with drills was easier than I expected. It was also VERY effective. I can be a shuffler at times, and as soon as he said lift up my knees just a half inch, it made all the difference in the world.

Although I didn’t even win a visor not to mention the swanky sneaks, the drills were invaluable, and it was nice to get out of my daily routine and try something different. I even went home and ran outside which I haven’t done the entire winter. Better late then not at all!