I rant, I rave, but I don’t do this!

I am now convinced that we as a society are on the decline. No weapons of mass destruction? Nah. Jeggings? No. We’re done. Here come the Goths cuz the Romans have exited the vomitorium. Why the despair?

Because if you’re sitting in a public waiting room, like at a Toyota dealership for example, and you think it is perfectly acceptable to listen to music, using your SPEAKER phone, you are part of the problem and not the solution, my friend.

Where are the manners? Why did a grown man in his late 30’s at least think it’s permissible to pollute the waiting room? No one else blasted their music. People wore HEADPHONES to keep their bad Polish, or maybe Russian pop music to themselves. But not where I was sitting.

I looked at him several times. I covered my ears. Did he get the hint? Nope. And no, I didn’t ask him to turn it down, off or stick it where the sun don’t shine because I’m a not interested in getting confrontational in a waiting room. Especially with my 16 year old sitting next to me.

Instead I engrossed myself in the Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford beauty products infomercial. Twice.

On to the next adventure.


6 responses to “I rant, I rave, but I don’t do this!

  1. I am always so shocked by what people do in public areas! A man was clipping his fingernails on the subway the other day and I was mortified! I can only imagine what your 16-year-old was thinking (:

  2. Hahahaha, I totally agree! I hope you don’t encounter too many more people like this any time soon.

  3. This is a skill I probably would never have thought of for one of my characters, but there are some good reasons to keep this in mind. Thanks

  4. I think this is what the generation is calling ‘coolness’ and ‘trendy’ in short to be self centered and having that *Fuck the world* attitude! That deeply saddens me when I see people following that misconception and rather enjoying it. Come on at least not in public :/

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