Monthly Archives: May 2012

No filters necessary

Last week on a run, I decided to take pictures using Instagram. I’m amazed at the high quality of photos people take using it and the subtle use of filters can really enhance a photograph. Anyway, I wanted to take pictures of beautiful flowers because as a person with a brown thumb, I am always impressed with anyone who gardens or grows something beautiful when I usually kill stuff.

A clear, sunny day, I turned onto a street that I usually pass. I’m so glad I did because I came across a yard that was definitely worth checking out. I asked the elderly gentleman if he’d mind if I took some photos of his beautiful garden. He unlatched the gate, invited me in, and walked me around pointing out different flowers, how he acquired them, and how unenthusiastic he was about tending such a glorious place since losing his wife six weeks ago.

He told me he’s had several people stop by to admire it, so I’m hoping he doesn’t give up. He told me to stop by again and if there are tools out, get some work done. I warned him of my brown thumb, but he didn’t seem to think I’d be too dangerous.

My pictures don’t do these beauties justice, but just knowing they’re close by and on my run path, makes me want to keep running, and possibly pull some weeds.





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