Bike bling. You…

Bike bling. You know what I’m talking about. When you’re riding on a trainer indoors, and the person spinning next to you is going 3 times as fast (of course, neither of you are going anywhere, but I digress), with their ZIPP wheels and ultra light, aero-dynamic carbon frame. If they could wear their pointy, time-trial helmet inside, they probably would! They’ve got the bling and you’re lagging (or at least I’m lagging) behind. Cyclists crack me up because I often hear about adding accessories like wheels or ultra light pedals or shifting mechanisms to increase speed. Then there are the folks who have a super light bike and still complain about needing more stuff to go faster. I’ve ridden with people whose bike add-ons cost as much or more than their bike.

This year, I joined a new cycling club. They’re locally known for their women’s racing team as well as being a well oiled machine on group rides. They are swarming bees racing by in a red flash. While they too are competitive and serious riders, they don’t seem to be as focused on bling as the other group. Maybe because they have the most important bling money can’t buy. They’ve got speedy LEGS. They are powerfuI, fast men and women.

So here I am with a new, super-duper, aerodynamic carbon frame that I got as a warranty replacement (thank you again Trek!) and have to ride with bling I never intended to own. This weekend I plan to ride whatever distance at whatever speed is expected. Wish me luck. Bling and all.


4 responses to “Bike bling. You…

  1. This sounds like it’s gonna be a great new adventure. Let’s hear it for the ladies in cycling! And have a blast!

  2. Good luck, have fun and enjoy your new bling!

    • Thanks, and thanks for reading the post! I haven’t ridden it with a group yet, but it’s been pretty awesome in the wind lately. More aerodynamic than the old frame, and that one was no slouch!

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