Monthly Archives: June 2010

It’s the ride not the road

I’m leaving for Colorado tomorrow. What procrastinating tactic is better than updating this blog? Since my last post, I’ve written, rewritten and deleted three different posts.

The last three months have been all about the road vs. the ride.

The roads aren’t always smooth. Sometimes, you ride through pot-holed, busy streets where people purposely drive close enough to rattle you. Sometimes, you smell pot as cars whizz by and wonder, why the hell there isn’t a cop around when you need one. Sometimes, you get pulled over by cops because your cycling group falls apart and you become every car drivers reason why they hate cyclists even though individually, you follow the ‘rules of the road.’

Since March, I’ve ridden 1371 miles outside totaling 88 cycling workouts. I’ve dropped about 7 lbs. and have seen my fitness improve dramatically. I measure that by the fact that I don’t get dropped by my cycling group, and roads and hills which early on were a challenge are no longer. When the group makes choices I don’t agree with, I can drop back and catch up with them when I feel safety isn’t an issue. I couldn’t do that in March. Not even close.

I realize training Illinois cannot compare (we are known as the prairie state) to the altitudes or mountains I will be riding in a few days, but I’m as ready as I can possibly be. I’m not thinking about what lies ahead of me or what I will have to pedal up and down, but how much freakin fun I’m going to have doing it!

The other journey I’ve been on is the road or goal of raising $1000 to the Lance Armstrong Foundation of LiveStrong. This week, I met my goal and since then have raised over $1200 for LiveStrong. This has not been a solo ride, but a major group effort.

While training, I tried to keep perspective that my road is not nearly as challenging or as critical as the journey those suffering with cancer are riding. Their roads are far more bumpy.

I cannot tell you how moved I am that people, people who I’ve never even met, have donated to LiveStrong through my link. When I first started on Twitter, it was a distraction and a way for me to shoot my mouth off to the universe or whoever chose to respond! I had no idea I could use it as a tool to raise money for causes I believe in or actually become friends with people. I think that’s what’s most shocking of all to me. I’ve actually become friends with people I’ve met on the internet! Who would’ve have thought this would be a way for people to connect 5 years ago?

Anyway, I just want to thank all you people out there in the cyber-universe who have donated to LiveStrong and supported me with advice, suggestions and positive thoughts for this little adventure. I am truly grateful.

That’s it:)