I brood. I dwell. I obsess.

I think too much.

So lately, I’ve been dwelling on my upcoming trip to Colorado to participate in the Ride The Rockies bike tour this June. I’m obsessing over weight loss, training, my fear of camping, among other trivial things, until I wake up in the middle of the night wondering what the fuck my problem was.

Because I am a lucky woman. I have a nice house, a wonderful husband, two great boys. What do I have to stress over? Nothing. I have my health, my family, my friends. Shame on me.

In mid-January, spinning on my trainer, I decided I should use my trip as a way to give something back. But where? And how?

Twitter of course! I will shamelessly promote my good deeds to my followers and harass and berate them if they don’t follow through. I will even annoy the Facebook Friends, especially those who clutter my news feed with Bejeweled Blitz or Farmville. Yes! I will become a social networking maven and raise a boat load of cash to……..

To what cause?


Why would people want to help me raise money while I’m riding my bike up and down the Colorado Rockies? Where would people, in this difficult economic time, be willing to donate their hard earned bucks? Where could I cross political, religious, socio-economic lines and promote something that would involve us all as humans?

I’ll tell you where.


I have more experience with cancer than I would prefer. My good friend died of breast cancer three years ago at 40. She left a devastated husband and 4 kids, 13, 10, 7 and 6. This was a woman in the throws of motherhood, dedicating her life around those who needed her most, and she was robbed. And so were they.

Her 10 year old, at the time, was and is one of my son’s very good friends. In fact, 3 of my boy’s good friends, THREE of their mothers had breast cancer. One year, while all 4 boys were enrolled in a computer class, my good friend Debby pointed it out that MY son was the only one of these four 10 year old boys, who’s mother did not ever have cancer.

The chill resides in my spine.

So yes, I’ve seen the devastation, but I’ve also attended Debby’s 5 and 10 year cancer free parties. I’ve seen the outcome on both ends.

Three years ago, I walked in the Susan G. Komen 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk with my other friend, a survivor. It was heart breaking and heart warming to see my friends walk together to try to end this brutal disease.

Unfortunately, cancer is still here.

And that is unacceptable.

So I ride my bike in honor of these women and friends. It seems fitting to be riding my bike for this organization because no one has done a better job of promoting cancer awareness and raising money for a cure than that guy from Austin, Texas who wears a lot of yellow and rides a bike.

I wish I could say, “That’s it. I’m done.” Sorry.

A founding member and cycling leader of my cycling club has cancer. He was diagnosed in February. Although I don’t know him well, I know his daughter. She’s a great gal and fantastic cyclist. So while I ride to honor my friends and help Mr. Armstrong with his cause, I also ride with the hopes that Mr. Hatch will be back next year in Colorado with his daughter Bailey.

I just created a fundraiser account with LiveStrong. If you wouldn’t mind clicking on the link to the Lance Armstrong Foundation and help me raise money for cancer awareness, education and support, I’d really appreciate it.

That’s it.


2 responses to “I brood. I dwell. I obsess.

  1. While cycling isn’t my thing I do find the sincerity of your resolve and care as awesome. I have experienced loss due to cancer, but not in such a personal way. My aunt’s death affected my mother more than I could understand, but the lessons of strength and courage I will never forget.

    It is clear that you already have all the strength you need to be successful at the goals you set. You’ve visited my blog, and spent your valuable time for me.

    I’m at point of being damn near bankrupt (literally), but I do have a small audience that I would be happy to share your links and story with.

    Please let me know what you’d like posted, and I’d be glad to link my social media network to yours.

    Good luck,


  2. Ilyse

    Great meeting you the other night. I look forward to following your blog and your training. Livestrong is very dear to me and it is an incredible community of people that are involved in that “pay it forward’ that you mentioned. I am on my third campaign with Livestrong this year and the fundraising actually helps keep me motivated to train.

    My mom was a 28 year breast cancer survivor when she was diagnosed again this March. After not thinking about her cancer for years, it has come back. She starts chemo on Wednesday. This year, my campaign got very personal. I run for her knowing that her chemo is much harder than training for a marathon. I run because her survival will help the survival of countless other women in the future. I plan on feeding off her strength.

    Colleen Legge at Livestrong, the coordinator of these sorts of events has been such a motivational force and inspiration to me. A two time Ironmaiden and ovarian cancer survivor. You will probably meet her at this ride. Good luck on your training and fundraising.

    Send me your link and I would be more than happy to contribute a bit.


    Josefa (onthewineroute)

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